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My coaching philosophy

Coaching is a wonderful opportunity to sit within an exploratory conversation with a qualified coach and together discover solutions which support your progress towards your goals. This attentional focus allows you to expand your understanding of you and become more engaged with your behaviours, emotions and cognitions.  You become more empowered to choose those which will help you have the impact you hope for, and reduce those which might hinder you.

With over 2500 one-on-one coaching hours I am well qualified to assist you as your coach from three perspectives:

  • from the gut - having been a leader within professional services for over 30 years, I have strong leadership instincts which support our coaching

  • from the heart - I am high in empathy and able to stand in your shoes when supporting my coachees with achieving their success

  • from the head - I strongly believe that coaching should be supported by evidenced based theories and science.  My Master of Science in Coaching Psychology and accreditation as an ICF Professional Certified Coach, ensures that this holds true.

Coaching Experience


2016 - 2024

1991- 2016

I provide Executive Coaching to senior leaders within professional services, working part time within Deloitte, as well as independently with other organisations and individuals.  Coaching programs are structured to meet Executive's needs.

In 2016 I designed and implemented the Coaching Program for Women Partners of Deloitte Australia, which I delivered each year.  Approximately 80-100 leaders were coached annually by me under this program. The feedback received from coachees was consistently high, including overwhelming endorsement of my coaching, listening skills, display of empathy and insights.  The coaching was evidenced based, from the field of positive psychology obtained through completion of my Master of Science in Coaching Psychology. It was also supported by my ICF PCC accreditation.

In 2020 I commenced annual volunteer coaching clients of Dress for Success and Bambuddha Group, a social enterprise.

Within Deloitte I co-led the Managing Menopause in the Workplace Committee, and designed a group coaching program to manage menopause in the workplace which commenced in 2023 and continues to this day.

Additionally I was a Partner faculty member of Deloitte University, Singapore where I co-facilitated leadership programs.

After 24 years as a partner of Deloitte, and proudly being the second longest serving woman partner of Deloitte Australia, I retired from the partnership, and have commenced as a Consultant.

Having achieved a Bachelor of Economics and Master of Laws I completed a career consulting in Taxation, primarily as a Deloitte Tax Partner of 16 years in the field of Research & Development Tax Incentives & Grants.  I also lead the Employment Taxes practice for Deloitte for 6 years and represented the Chartered Certified Accountants Australia as their Tax Technical representative with the Australian Taxation Office in this field.

I was a member of the Tax Executive of Deloitte focussed on leadership effectiveness and coached tax partners in this role.

I have limited coaching sessions available at this time. Please reach out to discuss your needs.


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