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Lovely to meet you!  I love to talk all things coaching and positive psychology.  I am a Professional Certified Executive Coach, Keynote Speaker, Leadership Workshop Presenter and International Award-winning Author, who is passionate about supporting leaders to be their best selves. 

I've enjoyed a 30+ year career in professional services, with 24 years as a Partner of Deloitte, and bring a depth of understanding to the challenges which leaders face.  With over 2500 one-on-one coaching hours I have a unique perspective of the intersection of coaching psychology and lived-leadership experience, which enhances my engagement with those I coach.

I am passionate about coaching senior leaders, and volunteering as a coach for clients of Dress for Success, and senior leaders as clients of the social enterprise, Bambuddha Group. I am a skilled listener and true cheerleader of those I coach. I act in service to their success by drawing on the field of evidence-based coaching psychology obtained through my Master of Science in Coaching Psychology.

As an empathic leader with a big heart, I love to create connections with people and share my thinking on all things coaching! 

Based in Sydney Australia, I'm known for baking delicious honey cakes.  My love of sweet treats extends to my love of sharing interesting thought leadership. I have recently authored a book chapter on Coaching Mental Toughness with a Systemic Mindset, in Coaching for Self Awareness About Attitude and Mindset, published in 2023, and my first book, Be your own leadership coach - self-coaching strategies to lead your way, published by Major Street Publishing was released on 27 June 2023.

You’ll hear me as a guest speaker on podcasts, presenting at keynotes and workshops, and writing and sharing articles with my network to enable those around me to live their best life, be great leaders and ripple their impact to make this world a better place.  

Just as I hope for you, my aim is to have a positive leadership impact which is longstanding in my absence.


I'm always looking to connect with others and support those hoping to have a positive leadership impact. Let's connect.

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