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Having a conversation is so much fun!  It opens our minds to sharing perspectives, brings us new insights and information and supports us with increasing diversity of thought. It's a great collaborative way to learn and build a shared understanding.​

I enjoy podcasting on all things coaching and positive psychology including;

  • self-coaching - how you can support yourself to be your best version of you!
    Learn the benefits and strategies of coaching yourself. 

  • building your personal board of directors - who is your mentor, coach, advocate and reverse mentor and how can they assist you with achieving success?

  • psychological safety - how do you create an environment free of embarrassment and humiliation to enable people to feel included, valued and thrive?

  • mental toughness - understand how you can move from being resilient and simply surviving to mentally tough and thriving!

  • managing your energy and time - create boundaries and practices to support yourself and move from activity to productivity.  Learn how you can enable your wellbeing as you do so.

  • leadership impact - what's the leadership impact you are desirous of? How do you build trust and have a long lasting positive impact which continues in your absence?

  • conscious communications - listening and communicating is critical to building relationships, empowering and enabling others, collaborating and teaming.  Let's learn how you can positively communicate to inspire and motivate others.

  • managing menopause in the workplace - learn how to support the 350m women+ who are enduring menopausal symptoms in the workplace and help them thrive through this stage of life.

  • kindness in leadership - kindness makes so much more possible. Here we will talk about how leaders can dial up their kindness to make this world a better place.  Setting kind business objectives, communicating with kindness, including a diverse team with kindness, are all acts which can create an even playing field, and bring more equity in the workplace for all.


Contact me to discuss booking me for your next podcast.​​


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