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I connect with teams to build their knowledge and insights on positive psychology and coaching. I am highly regarded as a keynote speaker, in addition to regularly being a called-upon subject matter expert as a part of speaking  panels and to run workshops. Thematically the presentations focus on how individuals can be at their best, and how they can support their teams in doing so.

In all cases I am called upon to speak on topics relevant to coaching, leadership and the workplace.  

Face-to-face speaking and virtual webinars both create a space to engage with teams of varying sizes to support their professional development and growth.

Keynote speaking and  workshop topics of interest have included:

  • Creating your leadership impact with self coaching strategies to lead as you

  • Leading as your best self - self-coaching, self-awareness and self-kindness

  • Building mental toughness - discover how to thrive rather than simply survive

  • Courageously confident - empowering yourself to lean into change 

  • Confidence, courage and cognitions - centering yourself to lead as you

  • Creating psychological safety in the workplace - you can make the difference

  • Leading as you - purpose, values and strengths

  • Unpacking the imposter syndrome - is it really what you think?

  • Managing menopause in the workplace - moving from surviving to thriving

  • Feedback is a gift - how do you unwrap it?

  • Developing high performing teams - move from 'me' to 'we'

  • Busting your busyness - be a more productive you

  • Reprioritising your wellbeing with self-determination theory - resetting your wellbeing

  • Managing your energy in the workplace - achieving a sustainable impact

"Thank you Karen for so generously sharing your fabulous knowledge and content with the Community of Finance Professionals today. It was incredibly valuable insight into coaching and practical tools and actions to bring our best self. BRILLIANT!"

"I wanted to express my gratitude for your enlightening talk on confidence, particularly on what instils confidence in us. Your insights, especially regarding confidence and leadership and the notion that everyone possesses leadership qualities, resonated deeply with me."

"Thank you for taking the time to talk to our team today.  What a treat!  You knocked it out of the park! It left us with much reflection and a commitment to invest in ourselves"

"Fabulous speaker! I thought it was insightful, inspiring and thought-provoking for myself to improve aspects of my life."

"Karen was tremendous and so engaging - very powerful"

Georgie Greene Photography-13.jpg

"Karen is an outstanding presenter and her enthusiasm is contagious."

"Thank you again Karen, your presentation was outstanding."

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